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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Hey! I was recently tagged by some of the Etsy UK Street Team to complete a '10 Things About Me' section. After much thought this is what I have come up with! Hopefully, from reading it you will all learn a little more about me! Here goes......

1. I am studying to be a teacher at Liverpool John Moores University. I am currently finishing my third year and have another year left, therefore I graduate in May 2008 and can't wait! I have to travel for about half an hour to arrive at my campus but I don't mind as last year I got a gorgeous new car...a little 'Summer Blue' Volkswagon Polo, I love it!!!!

2. Although I am nearly 21 I STILL love the colour pink. Almost everything I buy is pink, I have to try and persuade myself not to buy another vest top in a slightly different shade of pink as I already have loads. I am that sad that I arrange my wardrobe in order of colours ranging from white right through to black. And guess which colour section is the largest......yes you gussed it......the pink one!

3. My boyfriend Carl thinks that I have OCD (Obssessive Compulsive Disorder) and often calls me 'OCD Girl', as I am always tidying up...some would say this was a good thing as it's always good to be clean and tidy! I'm a bit like Monica from Friends but I'm not as bad that I have to have things lined up perfectly next to each other. More information about OCD can be found by clicking here. The picture below is named OCD.

4. This sounds really weird but I have a tiny forehead, which makes it impossible for me to have a fringe. My hairline is just over an inch from my eyebrows however, it could be worse, my aunty's hairline almost meets her eyebrows as her forehead is even smaller!

5. I really enjoy going to the theatre, gigs and watching musicals on TV. The first play I ever saw at the theatre was 'Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' and the last was 'Mamma Mia'. The first concert I ever went to was to see Louise (from Eternal & now married to footballer Jamie Redknapp) and the last was to see a band called The View at a gig in Liverpool. I've also seen the Fratellis 3times in the past year, once in Ibiza, once in Blackpool and once in Manchester! I love them! Moving on to favourite film of all time is Bugsy Malone. So many people seem to have not seen this, trust me you need to watch it, it's ace!!! Me and my sister used to watch it al the time when we were little and both know all the words to the songs...and the scenes hehehe!

6. My favourite meals in the whole world are anything Chinese. Sweet and Sour Chicken is my favourite dish, and my favourite all time food is BBQ Spare Ribs...mmmmm my mouth is watering...

7. 2 years ago I went to Florida with my boyfriend, one of his little brothers and his cousins too. We went to all of the Disney Parks and Waterparks etc and it was sooo much fun- I even waited in line to get Minnie's autograph :) One mf my favourite Disney Characters is Tinkerbell- she's sooooo cute. I was going to get a tattoo of her on my lower back but went to ask about prices and was scared doing that so who knows what I'd of been like getting it done- therefore I decided tattoos are definately not for me as I'm too much of a wimp!
8. I have always wanted to go to both New York & Barcelona. They both look and sound so nice. Luckily for me I am finally getting the chance to go to Barcelona in May as it will be my 21st birthday and I'm going a week after. I cannot wait to see the work of Gaudi including the beautiful Sagrada Familia cathedral (below) and the work of Picasso. I'm also hoping to go to Barcelona Zoo and Barcelona FC.
9. I have a huge collection of handbags, shoes and perfume like quite a few of us girls do! Like my wardrobe, my handbags are also arranged in colour order. I love Jean Paul Gaultier perfume it's my favourite. Ive got 4 different bottles on the go at the moment. I always keep the empty bottles too as they are so pretty- hence the one below!

10. Finally, number 10. I've left this till last because it is so silly. The last thing to tell you about me is that............I'm scared of masks. I never used to be but since Scream was released and that horrible mask was everywhere (and it was reported in the news that someone had been killed by a person wearing a Scream mask) I've hated them. My boyfrined once came into his bedroom wearing a Scream mask to scare me- it worked that much that I punched him in the stomach and winded him....oops! I'm not putting a picture of a Scream mask but i will put the Scream painting as that does'nt scare me.

I hope you enjoyed reading my '10 Things About Me' as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thanks xxx


Brezomayo Designs said...

hey great blog, i'm from etsy and new to blogging too! jsut thought i would say hi!

suchprettycolors said...

i love reading your blog! it's great. i organize my closet by color, too. i think i might be a little obessive-compulsive, as well. :)